About Hotel Facilities

Are there parking spaces available?
Parking spaces are not available, we recommend coming via public transport
Is internet available within the hotel?
Internet is available throughout the hotel and in guest rooms, please ask for the password upon check in.
Is there a public bath on the grounds?
No there is no public bath within this hotel.
What is available in the Lounge?
In the Ichié·Lounge on 1F, you can enjoy drinks such as matcha tea or coffee. Also we have the Machigokoro map which includes top quality information about the area so you can fully discover the essence of Ginza. Please freely enjoy the space here which is a meticulous fusion of Japanese and Western styles.
Can non-staying guests use the Lounge?
The Ichié·Lounge on 1F is open to not only staying guests, you can also come for the drinks services (chargeable). Please feel free to use this space for meeting up or simply relaxing.
What is available in the Outdoor Lounge?
The Outdoor Lounge on 12F is an open space on the rooftop whose access is limited to our staying guests. You can enjoy a relaxing time under the Ginza sky. Depending on the hotel bookings, this space could also be booked for a private function. Please kindly enquire if interested.
Is there a smoking area?
Please kindly only use the smoking area on the 12F for smoking on the premises.

Regarding Services

What time is Check in and Check out?
Check in starts from 3pm and Check Out is by 11am. For Early Check In and Late Check Out, please contact the hotel.
Can I please leave my luggage with the front desk before or after checking in/out?
Yes we can take care of it at the front desk, please kindly approach a staff member. Please keep valuables such as passports on your self.
Can I pay with credit card?
We accept various credit cards and QR code payment methods.
VISA/JCB/Master Card/Diners/
Is there a cancellation fee?
Our cancellation policy is as follows. No show:100%、On the day:100%、Day before:100%

About Guest Rooms

Up to how many guests can stay in one room?
The Executive Suite can accommodate up to 2 guests, and can be used as a connecting room with the room next door to accommodate maximum 4 guests. Please kindly enquire if interested.

About Hotel Surroundings

Are there convenience stores nearby?
Within 1min from the hotel on foot there is Family Mart and Lawson.