Changing opening hours of “Ichié・Lounge” due to the state of emergency.

We have changed operating hours of “IchiéLounge” on 1F as below from 25th due to the state of emergency announced by the government. While operating hours are changed, it is available for our guests to use as relaxing space for all hours.


8:00~20:00 (L.O at 19:30)


The operating hours above may be changed depending on the announcement from the government hereafter.

We ask our guests to wear masks, recognize infection prevention measures, and cooperate in restricting admission during peak hours.


We will strive for infection prevention for our guests and our employees.

Thank you very much for your kind understanding.

Guidance about COVID-19 measures

In Agora Tokyo Ginza, to allow our guests to stay comfortably and safely, we made the guidelines for preventing COVID-19 spread as below.


(Main measures at common space, guest room, restaurent, business facilities)


1. Setting sanitisers

We set sanitisers at lobby, restaurants, shops, and bathrooms at each floor.


2. Regular sanitisation

We sanitise regularly at the spots where guests touch often such as door knobs, handrails of escalators, buttons at elevators, and so on.


3. Placement of acrylic boards

We set acrylic boards at the front desk for droplet infection prevention.


4. Restaurant

We set tables at social distances.                                                                            

We sanitise tables/counters before and after customers use.

We ask customers to avoid sitting face-to-face but sitting diagonally.

We ask customers for paying at the tables.




(Measures for staff)


1. Physical condition is checked at time of the attendance.

All of our staff check temperatures before starting work, and if it is higher than 37.5 or 1 higher than their normal temperatures or if they feel sick, we let them stay home.


2. Mask to be worn during talking with guests

All staff wear a mask or a face guard.


3. Sanitisation of office and common space for staff

We sanitise at areas for staff such as entrace for staff, office, lockers, bathrooms.


4. Staggering staff work times

We arrange the shifts of working time for our staff to avoid busy hours of commuting time.


5. Self-restraint for unnecessary outings

We instruct our staff to avoid unnecessary outings including business trip, and joining for events.



(Request to our guests)


1.Please sanitise your hands and wear a mask at the time of a visit.


2. Please allow us to take your temperature and enquire about your health condition if you will be staying with us.


3.When you are not feeling well, please advise hotel staff.



We appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation.


March, 2021             

General Manager

Agora Tokyo Ginza

Agora Tokyo Ginza
Grand Open on 9, April 2021



Agora Tokyo Ginza has opened on 9th of April, 2021 with great support from many people.


Our concept is “SATEI: A place to experience the town spirit. – A place to discover your inner sense of “IKI” (Japanese aesthetics) -“. We look forward to welcoming you to experience Japanese beauty and values.


The hotel is located 2 minutes walk from Higashi Ginza Station (Subway). Our 97 minimalistic guest rooms are designed to provide you with a relaxing atmosphere.


Our lounge called “Ichié・Lounge” is derived from the Tea Ceremony term “Ichigo Ichie (Treasure Every Meeting)”, and we arranged this lounge to become a place for you to have once-in-a-lifetime experience here.


We aim to become a hotel beloved by customers, the local community, and also partners and suppliers, a hotel everyone can be proud of.


We really look forward to welcoming you here in Agora Tokyo Ginza.


General Manager.